A Blockchain YouTube Alternative

A LBRY Protocol Driven Environment

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THE LBRY HUB A Blockchain YouTube Killer

A lbry Protocol Driven Environment

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What is LBRY Protocol?

LBRY – A Decentralised superhero

LBRY is a YouTube/BitTorrent like decentralised, blockchain based, P2P content sharing protocol. You can download, view or stream just about any content shared via the blockchain. Publishers can create their own channels and offer their content for free, at a set price or rely on donations. LBRY is the perfect place for anyone wanting to publish content free from censorship and demonetisation.






The LBRY Hub – What is it?

The world’s first & exclusive blockchain media hub

The LBRY Hub is an independent, centralised, decentralised blockchain media and file sharing platform, bringing you the best digital media, a decentralised marketplace, and blockchain news from around the world. Our aim is to give the very best content providers an exclusive platform to highlight their content and creativity. A YouTube alternative, an eBay alternative

* is not associated with LBRY Inc
* In the name, the LBRY part refers to the lbry:// protocol
* This site is currently a work in progress

LBRY Community Top Picks

Concept App UI – Gaming Night Mode

All artwork below by Invariant Change 


Chris45 LBRY's Meme Superhero

With great power comes great responsibility. Memes so bad they are out-of-this-world good!


LBRY TOR - A New Generation

Could LBRY replace Tor as the next secure internet, away from the eyes of evil governments…


The Block Crypt - Crypto News

The very best of blockchain news from around the world in easy to read format…


New - LBRY Android App

Securely download the LBRY Android app from the website to see what all the fuss is about!…


LBRY Goes Gangsta in da LBC

LBRY goes street: Josh Dogg and da LBRY crew get jiggy with it gangsta style in the LBC…


Daydreaming - A Creative Mind

As a 15-year-old, he dropped out of school. Einstein left school because his teachers…


Stack Exchange & LBRY

LBRY blockchain Stack Exchange proposal is due to hit the stage. Come and support us…


Quick Digital - Design & Develop

Cutting edge designer ecosystems with embedded neuroscience taking you to the next level…


LBRY & Blockchain News & Blog

Have You Seen the Secret LBRY Comic Book Option?

Have You Seen the Secret LBRY Comic Book Option?

LBRY Comic Book Fans Can Do it Too! Superhero comics have a dedicated following of super fans who love nothing more than to read their favourite comics on their devices, such as Teenage Mutant Turtles, Batman, Captain Marvel, and Superman. Indeed, many folks in LBRY's...

Did That Really Just Happen

Did That Really Just Happen

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also seen our LBRYnomics page, which monitors and displays recent LBRY activity. Yesterday, a very strange thing happened there. Someone received a tip for over 180,000 LBC. You may have been forgiven for thinking something...

A Case Study in Using LBRY Well

A Case Study in Using LBRY Well

Two Ways Of Getting Your Content On LBRY There are two main categories of people publishing content to LBRY: those who publish manually themselves by using the LBRY app, and those who have synced their YouTube channel, so their YouTube videos are automatically...

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