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by | Aug 18, 2020 | blog

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also seen our LBRYnomics page, which monitors and displays recent LBRY activity. Yesterday, a very strange thing happened there. Someone received a tip for over 180,000 LBC.

You may have been forgiven for thinking something was wrong on our site, but this was actually a real tip, and the recipient was crypto superstar Naomi Brockwell (you can always see who received a tip on LBRYnomics by clicking the blue text, but be warned that we are not responsible for the linked content and it could be NSFW). Something interesting is happening on LBRY very soon which will make a lot more of these huge tips show up, and Naomi was an early example. Allow me to explain.


LBRY’s YouTube sync program has existed for a couple of years, and has allowed YouTube publishers to quickly and easily get all their content (including future content) mirrored on the LBRY network. Once the content is up on LBRY, viewers (and/or the LBRY team) can watch it, deposit supports on it, and send tips to it. However, YouTube sync publishers have not been able to access their content as if they had published in the LBRY app themselves, meaning that they could not see that their content had been receiving tips all this time. But this is all about to change.

# See LBRYnomics in action by clicking the image below.

LBRYnomics Screenshot


Pretty soon, a new section will be added to the LBRY app. If you’re a YouTube sync person and are signed in to the app using the email address associated with your synced YouTube channel, there will be a simple button for you to have ownership of that channel’s content transferred to your wallet. After a little wait, everything will appear in the LBRY app as if you had published it yourself in the first place.


Some items on the LBRY network have a large number of tips associated with them. It would be inconvenient to transfer the entire tip history to the recipient, so instead, the channel transfer process unlocks all the individual tips and sends them to the channel in a single lump sum. So, no individual ever tipped Naomi Brockwell 180,000 LBC. Instead, this was the total of all the little tips from her content over the last couple of years, combined into one. She got her channel transferred using a pre-release of the LBRY app that has the channel transfer feature in it, which some keen folks have been testing.


In case you’re wondering, after a channel transfer, the sync process is ongoing, so new videos published to YouTube will continue to be re-published to LBRY. However, YouTube sync publishers will, after getting their channel transferred, be able to edit/delete these if they so desire, post exclusive content to their LBRY channel, and comment using their channel identity. I’m looking forward to this, and will be keeping an eye out for the massive tip numbers which might indicate that someone now has full control of their LBRY channel.

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