What is LBRY & LBRY Blockchain Technology?

LBRY is many things. At its core, it is an encrypted blockchain-based protocol using lbry:// as its transport method. Think of this a little like https:// with no central controlling system and with the ability to carry financial transactions. Because it’s blockchain based, anything published on thelbry:// protocol is owned by everyone and no one at the same time. Content on the LBRY blockchain cannot be censored, controlled or removed by 3rd parties.

What Is LBRY – The LBRY Blockchain Story

Logo Alpha White 64LBRY (pronounced “Library”) is not just one thing, it’s a large ecosystem centred around a general concept of content freedom. Since the birth of the internet, people, businesses, organisations, governments and movements have used the internet to share their products, ideas, communicate and run business, whether that’s a person at home creating video blogs or a multinational company reaching a global audience, the internet has been a natural evolution of speech, a vehicle for freedom and personal expression.

But that new found freedom humanity found is now at risk. Large corporations and governments have sought to exploit their powers to control the internet for political, corporate, and power gains using many nefarious and underhanded methods which are slowly but surely creeping up on all of us. The liberty the internet gave us is starting to imprison us, not free us.

Our search results are filtered, censored and manipulated. If we don’t conform to the narrative, our websites, blogs, videos and products are removed.

However, in an epic battle of good vs evil and new blockchain superhero has entered the area to give freedom one more shot, to give us all our voices back, to put the balance back in the hands of the people and that superhero is called… LBRY. 

LBRY Blockchain Technology In The News

The LBRY project is ground breaking in terms how how we use the internet and free speech, and as such has sparked a lot of interest from many major news corporations world-wide, including Forbes, Bloomberg, CBS Fox News and even the world’s most popular news network, RT – who also synced their content to LBRY along with many other big names. Below is a list of some of the media attention LBRY has gained thus far.


Democratizing Media In The Era Of Blockchain. 

Fox News

John Stossel: The incredible threat to free speech that no one is talking about.


Could the Blockchain Disrupt YouTube?


YouTube and Facebook Are Losing Creators to Blockchain-Powered Rivals.

Famous & Influential Names That Use LBRY

Because of the advanced features and total decentralised nature of the protocol, many of the biggest names are choosing LBRY to mirror their content to protect it from being lost in a new age of mainstream censorship. Below is a list of some of the biggest names that use LBRY.



Alex Jones

Alex Jones


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Jordan B Peterson


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mqdefault 3

David Pakman


mqdefault 4

Khan Academy


Tim Pool



Redacted Tonight

Redacted Tonight


The Crowhouse

The Crowhouse


Carey Wedler

Carey Wedler


mqdefault 5

Naomi Brockwell


oye cover

OYE News


What Are LBRY Credits (LBC)?

LBRY Credits, abbreviated to LBC, are the cryptocurrency used to make purchases on the LBRY blockchain. But they have more functionality than just merely being a method of payment, they are also used to secure content on the blockchain. Each file registered on the LBRY blockchain must be secured by LBC’s – TBC –

LBRY Credits are mostly traded on Bittrex and Poloniex. At one point, the market cap of LBRY Credits was about 1/4 that of Ethereum. 

LBC Hidden Features

While most people just think of LBRY Credits (LBC) as a way of purchasing content on the LBRY blockchain, this is not actually the whole purposes and arguably not LBC’s most important feature.

Most people give their content away for free and rely on Tips to earn income, so most of the time, you don’t need LBC’s to buy content, but the real value and what makes LBC’s a very important asset is that they also act as power ups for content creators and their fans who want to support the content they love.

Content creators who want to perform better in search results and related content can increase the exposure by adding more LBC’s to the claim amount or attach value by adding Supports via the support button or by adding tips, via the Tip button.

Content with higher value claim amount + tips + supports will perform better in search results and related content than content with a lower amount. A little like how Google Adwords works. And as an extra bonus will protect a community URL from takeovers. This means you can use LBC’s to get more exposure and protect your real estate, thus be more profitable.

LBC Transaction Types

PublishesLBC claim associated with content publication. Claims can be revoked via trash button.
Tips: Tips sent or received. Received tips can be claimed via the unlock button in order to be reflected in your balance.
Supports: Claim support sent or received. Support claims can be revoked via trash button.

To be more precise. Tips and Supports are given by a user to the content creator. They both help to strengthen the claim (content) by giving it more power in search results and related content, and help keep the Community URL from takeovers.

The difference between a Tip and a Support is that Tips will be given to the content creator permanently, whereas Supports aren’t. Supports just help the content perform better for the reason above and can be taken back at any time.

Read more about LBRY transaction types on the LBRY website transaction types FAQ


Community: This is name a URL with no unique ID. They are great for being found by direct address bar inputs, to use as as a vanity URL that is easy to read and as a way of creating advertising space on a website or app. The highest bidder controls the Community URL, they are never owned by anyone permanently. Example: lbry://<name> such as lbry://love

Permanent: This is your Community URL + unique ID. This is always yours. No one can take it from you. Example: lbry://<name>#<claim_id> such aslbry://love#a1

Channel: This is your channel ID where all your content can be found. Example: lbry://<@channel_name> such as lbry:@cats

Signed: This is your Permanent or Community URL in side your channel. Example: lbry://<@channel_name>/<name>#<claim_id> such as lbry://@cats/love#a1

Read more about LBRY URL types on the LBRY website naming FAQ

LBC Exchanges & On/Off Ramps








Instant Bitex



upbit logo 1






* This is not a complete list. More will be added soon.

Useful LBRY Info Websites





coinspot o





Bitcoin Wiki

What is LBRY Inc?

LBRY Inc in a U.S. based company operating out of Manchester in New Hampshire. The company was set up by Jeremy Kauffman aided by founders Alex Grintsvayg, Jack Robison and Josh Finer. The company is regulated under U.S. law and as such acts as an open source, but centralized arm of the LBRY ecosystem, which means they can operate as a regulated business at one end and offer a decentralised, unregulated service at the other. While LBRY Inc is required by law to take down content that violates U.S. copyright legislation, via the app, nothing can or does get removed from blockchain.

What is Spee.ch? – Deprecated

Spee.ch is an open source, web based media hosting service, utilising the LBRY blockchain. Think of it a little like Imgur, but where your content is stored via a decentralized network. When you upload to Spee.ch, your content is mirrored across the internet via various storage services and local computers, much in the same way a torrent is distributed, but with all the benefits of blockchain technology.

Spee.ch is ideal for anyone wanting to share their media across the internet and social media, in a quick and easy manner, without the fear of being censored for political or corporate reasons and there are many other uses for Spee.ch, including acting as a blockchain based CDN, which is something LBRY Inc currently does on their official website(s).

Spee.ch has a few minor limitations which are necessary for it to serve its function as a shareable media hub. It only accepts certain media friendly file types and it can’t display content that requires payment, meaning everything on Spee.ch is always free.

Spee.ch also comes with it’s own Speech SDK. Using the Spee.ch SDK, means anyone can deploy their own version of Spee.ch on their server(s) which is almost as easy as WordPress to set up. The idea is to make Spee.ch a popular blockchain file sharing service that anyone can easily use and adopt. And as a bonus, anything uploaded to LBRY, is also viewable on Spee.ch, just as long as it’s free and of a Spee.ch compatible file type. 

What is The LBRY Community Fund?

When LBRY first setup, instead of launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), they wanted to make a viable and working product first and instead premined a set amount of LBRY Credits to allocate for community projects to help build the LBRY ecosystem organically.

Any member of the LBRY community can apply for a LBRY funding grant to help spearhead their project. Funding proposals are quality reviewed by the LBRY team to make sure they meet the level of quality expected for the LBRY ecosystem.

To apply for LBRY funding, use the below form button.