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The Community

Primarily, LBRY Digital is the community, this core concept of LBRY Digital is focusing on community content and projects. Our goal is to get the vibrate LBRY community engaged and seen, helping both them and the LBRY project excell in this new age of decentrlised blockchain magic.

Exposure & Marketing

Exposure and marketing are fundamental to created a solid and loyal user base. LBRY Social, which is part of the LBRY Digital Group is for this very purpose, combining the community with marketing, to create a user driven, self sustaining enterprise.

Enthusiasm & Drive

Making anything work requires positivity, enthusiasm and drive. This is the core ethos of LBRY Digital. This is what make us stand and helps us to deliver our high quality products people want to use daily. It’s what drives up to create new ideas and improve on what we already do well.

What is LBRY Digital?


LBRY Digital is the central location for the LBRY community ecosystem. LBRY Digital is primarily based on LBRY project, which includes community projects and our own project listed below, bringing everything together under one roof for the ultimate go to place for the LBRY community.

  • LBRY Digital Community 75% 75%
  • LBRY Exclusive 55% 55%
  • Prefer LBRY 95% 95%

The Core Concepts

 The building blocks of LBRY Digital

LBRY Social LogoLBRY Digital

LBRY Digital (this) is the home of everything LBRY, but focuses on LBRY projects built by the community, including our projects listed here. The idea behind the project side of LBRY Digital is to give the community a home to have their projects listed and to get them recognised.

LBRY Social LogoLBRY Social

LBRY Social is the home of LBRYs best and most active independent community. LBRY Socials network on social media and community platforms such as Discord, make it the number one place to be if you want to be part of the LBRY community and market your content.

LN Logo SmLBRYnomics

LBRYnomics is the home of LBRY statistics where you can find all the best data for the top channels on LBRY. LBRYnomics is critical for helping you grow your channel or just if you’re interested in how well other content creators are doing.

LBRY Logo WhiteLBRY Powered

LBRY is a blockchain based decentralised content sharing platform. It’s comprised of a protocol, applications and websites, to deliver a vast array of content free from censorship. With built-in monetisation that you control via the platforms cryptocurrency, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Hub Logo 320a1LBRY Hub

The LBRY Hub is the number one place to find all the best content on LBRY including LBRY exclusive content, top content from the LBRY community and content from VIP YouTubers who’ve been banned from major platforms such as YouTube.


 Create your own unique LBRY Digital profile

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Register your account on LBRY Digital to get your own unique user profile that you can use to promote your LBRY content and reach new audiences. 

Benefits of Registering 

  • Get your own unique LBRY Digital URL
  • Have your own custom social profile
  • Get found by search engines
  • Have a place to market your content
  • Network with other content creators
  • Get channel feedback
  • Have access to premium content
  • Access the members forum
  • Create groups and networks
  • Create guest blogs for LBRY Digital
  • Custom LBRYnomics dashbaord
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The News

 See what’s going on with our amazing blog

Did That Really Just Happen

Did That Really Just Happen

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also seen our LBRYnomics page, which monitors and displays recent LBRY activity. Yesterday, a very strange thing happened there. Someone received a tip...

A Case Study in Using LBRY Well

A Case Study in Using LBRY Well

Two Ways Of Getting Your Content On LBRY There are two main categories of people publishing content to LBRY: those who publish manually themselves by using the LBRY app, and those who have synced...

YouTube vs LBRY: Video Quality Comparison

YouTube vs LBRY: Video Quality Comparison

WebsiteYouTubeTwitterLBRYInstagramMichael Hebo - YouTube vs LBRY YouTube vs LBRY - How does the video quality on YouTube stack up against the quality on LBRY? Watch this side-by-side comparison to...